So Many Apps, So Little Time

As I’ve been working on getting the Pomodoro Technique down—The Pomodoro Technique: Well Darn It I Like It—I’ve also been attacking the every present problem of getting and staying organized. Maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment, since I’ve tried and failed at various organizational tools for years and years. Well, one of the “keys” […]

The Pomodoro Technique: Well Darn It I Like It

I admit it, I have tried and failed at various “work better” “getting things done” whatever systems for years now. You all know that I’m often rather scatter-brained and a tad forgetful. I’m just a tweed jacket and pipe away from absent-minded professor. I still try to keep things organized. No, my office is still […]

Couple Posts from Elsewhere: end of paper books & Trying Pomodoro GTD System

From time to time I’ll post full posts that I write for Future Shop (that’s allowed now), but today, it’s just excerpts. Enjoy! Last week Nicholas Negroponte was quoted as saying that the physical book would be dead in 5 years—Nicholas Negroponte: The Physical Book Is Dead In 5 Years—which I thought is pushing it […]