Google Buying QuickOffice is the Death Knell for Microsoft

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That’s it, Microsoft you’re now toast. An also-ran. The writing is on the wall. Ship has sailed… Okay you get the idea. Why am I making this pronouncement? Because Google just scooped up QuickOffice which now renders Microsoft nearly (nearly) irrelevant in regards to its core product—MS Office. Google buys QuickOffice: what it means to […]

Empire Avenue Starts Tapping into Google+

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Yeah we might be a little biased around here, but we think Empire Avenue is quite the hot item. Sure, it would be great if you bought shares in me, the real story here is that Empire Avenue is fast out of the gates with support for the new Google+ API. Sure, it might be […]

5 Ways to Keep Google+ from being a Time Suck


Yeah I really, really like Google+. You can see from my Google+ profile that I spend a good bit of time there posting, commenting, and sharing. This also means that I spend a good bit of time there. Now the question is, how can you spend quality time on G+ and not have it become […]

Google+ new hotness,just hype, or a sea change in sharing?


By now most of you have at least heard of Google+ and its promise to be a “Facebook killer”. I’ve been using Google+ since the first invites started going out and just like FriendFeed, google buzz, and goggle wave before it, all the geekorati are there hanging out (literally with the Hangout video chat feature) […]

Is Google+ New or Just the New Google Wave?


So that’s what Google has been working on for the past year+. Google made it official in their Google+ blog post that Google is going full bore (again) into “social”. Word is that this slow public release (think early days of Gmail, but maybe even slower) is designed to prevent failures like Google Buzz and […]