I’m a mercenary writer and here’s how I can help you


Over the past 10 years I’ve done lots of things—and gotten pretty good at a number of them—but one thing that I’ve become very good at is writing and teaching. I was (in 2004) Canada’s first professional blogger and ever since then the majority of my income has come from writing, blogging, or teaching people […]

Dust not even settled—Contributing to Future Shop Tech Blog and Stepcase Lifehack

As you have gathered from a couple recent tweets, today was not only my last day at Simply, but also my first day posting to Stepcase Lifehack. My first post is on the new iPad app for LinkedIn (which is awesome btw) and I’ll be contributing there with a couple posts a week. I’m also back contributing […]

Returning to Freelance Writing—Have Thesaurus, Will Travel

It hasn’t exactly been a secret, but I haven’t made it public until now—Simply Computing and I are parting ways. I had a great time working there, and I certainly learned a lot about retail, however, this is one of those times when the business timing just wasn’t quite there for everything to work out. […]