David Armano is still inspired by blogging

After getting a couple cavities taken care of at the dentist this morning, I went over to an Edelman Vancouver-sponsored event to hear Edelman EVP David Armano talk about the state of social media—and his reflections on it as well (mentioned this earlier this week, in case you missed it). Amazingly enough, I’ve known David […]

Google opens Plus to all, let’s you share your circles, followers skyrocket—Your move Twitter

Tris Hussey - Google+

This week Google enabled Google+ users to start sharing their circles with other users. Many folks, like me, who were included in circles by folks like Robert Scoble, Thomas Hawk, and Jason Calacanis saw their follower numbers jump. Hugely. Many users, like Fraser Smith found that their number of followers on Google+ eclipsed their number […]

HootSuite ups the ante with new Facebook features and support

HootSuite - Social Media Dashboard for Teams using Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin

HootSuite does it again adding more features to the already stellar social media app. This time it’s all Facebook love for HootSuite and by the looks of the video from the newly updated HootSuite Facebook features page, I don’t think you’ll ever after visit Facebook again. Which is just fine by me. Now, if you’re […]

Is Google+ New or Just the New Google Wave?


So that’s what Google has been working on for the past year+. Google made it official in their Google+ blog post that Google is going full bore (again) into “social”. Word is that this slow public release (think early days of Gmail, but maybe even slower) is designed to prevent failures like Google Buzz and […]

Do you know where your Facebook friends are?

Or maybe I should ask it a little differently…How do your Facebook friends relate to you geographically? Are most of your friends in the same region or spread around? Now imagine if you took the information for about 10 million of Facebook’s 500 million users and tried to relate them to each other…that’s exactly what […]