Sharing WordPress Tips and Tricks Through and Evernote


I’m doing a lot of research for my next book WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide . Not that I don’t do a lot of research for my books, but this time I’m saving articles, posts, infographics, and other data in Evernote. I thought about sharing a lot of the interesting tidbits I find here, then I […]

Is Evernote Really Fixing Recruiting Or Just Collaborating in General?

If you read my hiatus post, then you know that I’ve been job hunting for the past several months. Also in that post I mentioned that I believe that the entire recruiting process is broken. From people looking for work to HR managers to hiring managers to job sites themselves—then entire system is just not […]

You can’t force people to work together—even when they should be

I don’t know if I’d say I’ve come late to the Evernote party, but it’s certainly only been in the past 6 months that I’ve really gotten into using Evernote for everything that has to do with storing and retrieving information. Every info gathering/reading/absorbing/groking app I use needs to have a way to get information […]

Evernote, IFTTT, Automatic Posts, and the Link Blog

Remember way back when, back when most of us had a link blog of some sort? Scoble’s link blog—this was before TechCrunch btw—could launch a simple post or company into the stratosphere of cool. Somehow we’ve lost that link saving-sharing habit. Between Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other awesome tools for sharing cool stuff we find […]

Evernote planning an IPO—I had a gut feeling months ago.

This morning TechCrunch is reporting that Evernote is going to prep for an IPO offering—Evernote Raises $70M At A $1B Valuation To Prep For An IPO, And The Next 100 Years—the interesting thing is that while I was writing an online social media course for UBC I wrote the following in February: Evernote Evernote ( […]