Kobo Pulse creates a book club from your Facebook friends


I’m an unabashed fan of everything Kobo does. I’ve long held that Kobo gets ereading better than anyone else—even that other book seller based in Seattle—and their recent Kobo Pulse announcement shows that they are on the same, solid track as always. By connecting the Kobo app with Facebook and your Facebook friends, Kobo brings […]

Kobo Poised to Become Your eReading Hub

Photo Dec 18, 7 05 58 PM

You know when you read an announcement and the ramifications don’t really hit you until you try it for yourself? Yeah, that’s what Kobo’s recent announcement about Facebook and Instapaper integration did for me. The screenshots, maybe because the were from the iPhone, didn’t drive home what Instapaper integration really means. It’s not about stashing […]

Couple Posts from Elsewhere: end of paper books & Trying Pomodoro GTD System

From time to time I’ll post full posts that I write for Future Shop (that’s allowed now), but today, it’s just excerpts. Enjoy! Last week Nicholas Negroponte was quoted as saying that the physical book would be dead in 5 years—Nicholas Negroponte: The Physical Book Is Dead In 5 Years—which I thought is pushing it […]