California Sounding the Death Knell of the Printed Textbook?

You know I’m a fan of ebooks. I rarely buy or accept or pick up paper books any longer. If a book is important to me, I’d rather be able to have it at my finger tips all the time (especially reference material). So Between Kindle, Kobo, and iBooks I have have pretty impressive library on […]

2011 will be the breakout school year for tablets in classrooms

Photo Aug 31, 12 20 58 PM

Next week the 2011–2012 school year kicks off in earnest. On the Future Shop Tech blog (where I contribute posts), we’ve had the raft of Back to School 101 posts to help folks gear up (literally and figuratively ) for school, but in the meantime I’ve been keeping an eye on trends overall and I […]

Kobo, Independent Publishers, & Sharing


I have a soft spot for Kobo (despite the fact you can’t buy my books through them). I still maintain that the Kobo reader app for iOS is the best eBook app out there. Yes, I’ve tried the others, but Kobo just wins time and again for flexibility and ease of use. Kobo has also […]

Could we become our own library in the cloud?


Lending ebooks first came to the Nook and now available for select books on Kindles, which makes me wonder if we could all become giant P2P libraries in the near future. Something that could make public libraries either scream in panic or giggle with glee, depending on whether you see this as a powerful tool […]

Couple Posts from Elsewhere: end of paper books & Trying Pomodoro GTD System

From time to time I’ll post full posts that I write for Future Shop (that’s allowed now), but today, it’s just excerpts. Enjoy! Last week Nicholas Negroponte was quoted as saying that the physical book would be dead in 5 years—Nicholas Negroponte: The Physical Book Is Dead In 5 Years—which I thought is pushing it […]