Becoming addicted to ebooks

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom

Well, as you might suspect and guess, I’m writing this on my iPad. I’m still getting the hang of the WordPress app here; I can’t find how to add a link to something for example. However, that’s not what this post is about, this post is more about how I’m becoming more and more addicted […]

Why Tablets will Win the Day–Current E-readers are Lacking

Yes, I want a tablet. No, actually it doesn’t have to be an iPad, though that would certainly be wonderful, but an Internet-enabled tablet is what I think would best suit the things I’d like to do with something not a laptop/netbook and more than a smartphone. Sure I’d love an e-reader, but I know […]

I’m looking forward to reading my books on the iPad and so should you

Yeah, I’ll admit it. I’m pschyed about the iPad. No, it isn’t perfect. Yep there are some obvious flaws (lack of USB port or SD card reader are big ones for me), but I’m excited about how this will change how we use computers. I remember I wasn’t too keen on the iPhone at first, […]

There is No iSalvation Coming

Mathew Ingram believes that pinning hopes on a tablet from any vendor will save the publishing industry is just wasted energy: As Om noted in a post about the Kindle HD, everyone talks about the iTunes model and the iPod, but while those devices have been phenomenally successful for Apple itself, the music industry as […]

True tablet computers remind me of Star Trek and how computing will never be the same

I know it’s rather hokey, but I just can’t help thinking about (later) Star Trek episodes and movies when I look at the concepts of an iSlate /iPad/iTablet. You know, pick up some thin device that can show pretty much anything. Read a little missive from Starfleet Command, calculate how long until the warp core […]