Was business blogging only a fad for the good times?

Jim Turner and I worked together at One By One Media and Bloggers For Hire when business blogging was a new and unproven way to reach customers. Yes, it was often a hard slog, but blogging was hot in the media and a lot of people were being told to “get a blog for us” […]

Great customer service equation has two parts: you and them

This post from Service Untitled gave me just the right push and connection to flesh out my customer service post that’s been perking in my brain for a couple days now–Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Greet your customers by name. As you know Wednesday night I made the leap back into the Mac world, that’s […]

Telus Mobility you need to work on your e-interfaces and communicate to customers better

On Friday I started the onerous task of dealing with the details of moving. Switching hydro, Shaw, etc. I also had a bit of a beef with Telus Mobility because when I tried a Telus Hotspot while at Pearson, I couldn’t connect for free. According to my plan I have unlimited use of all Telus […]