Updating Editions—What did I miss the first time?

Photo Jun 13, 1 09 29 PM

Here I thought that being asked to write a book (or three) was pretty cool. Nope, turns out being asked to update them for a second edition is better. If the book was a flop, then the publisher wouldn’t want to spend any more time or money on it, but if it does pretty well, […]

It isn’t starting a book that’s hard, it’s continuing to write it


Book Three is starting to gel, but it’s been a tough few nights of writing to get to this place. See, I don’t find starting a book hard, it’s after I have the first 2 or 3 chapters written that I hit a wall. It’s at that very moment when I tend to step back […]

Dispelling Blogging Myths: Blogging Will Get Me Fired!

Getting fired for blogging doesn’t get as much attention as it did in 2004-2005. Back then, the media was a buzz about people getting fired because they were blogging, when, in truth, very few people were actually fired for blogging. Oh yes, some people were fired for blogging, that much is true. I’m sure many […]

Podcasting 101–The 2010 edition


This morning I had the wonderful privilege to be on Donna Maria’s awesome Indie Business Radio show and when we got to talking about podcasting I said that it was about time I wrote an updated Podcasting 101 post and thus… I started podcasting about a year after I started blogging. My “Walk About Podcasts” […]