Observe, Learn, Adapt, Flourish–All Publishing is at a turning point

I don’t buy terribly many books anymore, or magazines, and certainly not newspapers. A bit of an ironic statement from someone who’s first book comes out in January, but I don’t equate publishing with paper. I assume that my books will have more life in digital editions than in paper ones. I’ve been writing in […]

What skills will make the best journalists? Tech ninjas to rule the roost?

Journalists seem to always be taking it on the chin. If it isn’t that their craft is dying (which I don’t think is true) or their publications are failing (okay that one is true), now it’s that in order to be agile journalists, keep employed, and be relevant they need to be programers too? Wow, […]

Remind me again, why don’t we live blog as much anymore?

Way, way back in 2005 I started live blogging at conferences. Blog Business Summit was the first a) blogging related conference I attended and b) the first conference I live blogged. From that point on I got to be pretty well known as a live blogger. It even got me into conferences and my travel […]

MSNBC shows that the media can adapt: MSNBC grabs Breaking News Twitter account

We often talk about the old guard media outlets having trouble adapting to “new media”, I think we pushed old media into such a corner that they either just crawled into the walls or came out swinging. MSNBC seems to be doing the later with the news that MSNBC scooped up the Breaking News Twitter […]

That’s One Way To Get People To Stop Reading Your Papers: Microsoft To Help News Corp Get Off Google

I’m not sure if Rupert Murdoch is a brilliant business mind, just doesn’t get the Internet, or just plain nuts. Maybe buying MySpace was a good idea when News Corp bought it, but it certainly isn’t holding much value now. Now with his massive newspaper holdings also having trouble, if his papers are following all […]