Starting to get going on MapleLeaf2.0

Started with a short welcome post-Welcome to a new Maple Leaf 2.0-more to come after the holidays.


More than half of Victoria’s bloggers are here in Seattle…I met many face-to-face for the first time last night! Technorati Tags: Gnomedex2007

Visit One By One Media for additional Gnomedex coverage

I’m going to split my coverage of Gnomedex between here and One By One Media … so do check them both out. Technorati Tags: Gnomedex, Gnomedex2007

New Vista performance patches

New Vista updates available–I downloaded and installed these don’t know if they are helping yet.

See you at Gnomedex!

After a brief stop to film two segments with Leo Laporte for The Lab with Leo Laporte, I’ll be heading down for Gnomedex 7.  Hope to see you there.