All the extra tools bloggers need–WordCamp Victoria talk

It’s not hard to get blogging, regardless of what blog engine you use (though WordPress is the best IMHO), but there are tricks and tools that make life easier for you. At WordCamp Victoria I decided to distill and talk about the blogging toolkit that I’ve built up over the years. Tools like blog editors, […]

Tweetdeck getting funding isn’t crazy, it’s the next move forward: stuff that works

Yeah I love TweetDeck , it’s open all the time and one of the first things I installed on my netbook. TweetDeck is the only way I’ve found I can get much out of Twitter at all. Iain is a very talented guy and eventhough I didn’t “get” TweetDeck at first, now I do. Om […]

Could a Twitter app become a light RSS reader?


Since getting hooked on TweetDeck over the summer,it has become an indispensable part of my “infocentre”. In my TweetDeck setup I have a column just for these “news” tweets, just for info streams from posts as Mark describes: The interesting thing is if you follow enough bloggers on Twitter using an auto-feed service, your Twitter […]

TweetDeck hits 0.20, becomes more useful, and almost my dashboard

Over the weekend we got word that version 0.20 of TweetDeck was nearly done and being sent to early testers (Iain, pls can I be an early tester for the next round) and planned for updating today (ish). True to form TweetDeck told me that an update was ready for me and I quickly said […]

PostRank nourishes the RSS ecosystem: Keep indexing those feeds!

Last week aideRSS re-launched PostRank and unveiled a new Firefox extension to help you pick and subscribe to a site’s best stuff. You all know that I’m a huge fan of aideRSS and I rely on it to cull my information firehose to a dull roar. You might have expected me to jump right on […]