Google Reader is more about readers, the people, than readers, the apps

I originally posted this on Google+, but seeing how long it was and that I wanted to make sure it would stick around, I’m cross posting it here as well (irony, duly noted). As reference, this is the original post by Boris Mann on Google+ talking about Brent Simmons’ post and my post on Google+. […]

RSS is dead like voice mail and telephones are dead.


Brent Simmons wrote a solid post about RSS today and his points got me thinking. Brent talks about RSS as part of the plumbing, that although all but a few hard core geeks (like me) use RSS readers, we all use RSS on a daily basis—without even knowing it. Podcasts through iTunes? RSS powered. App update […]

Observe, Learn, Adapt, Flourish–All Publishing is at a turning point

I don’t buy terribly many books anymore, or magazines, and certainly not newspapers. A bit of an ironic statement from someone who’s first book comes out in January, but I don’t equate publishing with paper. I assume that my books will have more life in digital editions than in paper ones. I’ve been writing in […]

Full Text vs Partial Text It Isn’t The Feed But The Reader’s Interface That Matters

Scoble was always one of the staunchest proponents of full-text RSS feeds out there. Back when I was a pro-blogger trying to crank out lots of posts in a day (or hour), I agreed with him. It was much more helpful (and better for my custom, local feed searches) if the feeds were full-text. I […]

Why Pick One RSS Reader When You Can Use Three–At The Same Time

I’ve been a hard-core RSS user since the beginning of my blogging days and I think I’ve tried almost every RSS reader out there. Mashable just put out the Top 10 RSS Readers (as chosen by readers) … good list I think: Top 10 Mashable Reader News Readers 10. Reeder (iPhone) [warning: iTunes link] 9. […]