Why is it still so hard to review and edit blog posts?

In my short time at SoMedia, I was thrown back into a curious place that I hadn’t been to an a long, long time—people needed to review and edit my posts before they went live. I’m not saying that my writing is flawless (ha!) nor that it never needs a little polish, but in this […]

WordPress Isn’t The Best CMS

Yes, you read that correctly, WordPress isn’t the best CMS out there. WordPress is, however, the CMS I like best. My BCIT class on Thursday afternoons is one of those great groups of students that everyone should have the opportunity to teach. They challenge me constantly. No, not in a disrespectful way, in an intelligent […]

All the extra tools bloggers need–WordCamp Victoria talk

It’s not hard to get blogging, regardless of what blog engine you use (though WordPress is the best IMHO), but there are tricks and tools that make life easier for you. At WordCamp Victoria I decided to distill and talk about the blogging toolkit that I’ve built up over the years. Tools like blog editors, […]