Dispelling Blogging Myths: Blogging Will Get Me Fired!

Getting fired for blogging doesn’t get as much attention as it did in 2004-2005. Back then, the media was a buzz about people getting fired because they were blogging, when, in truth, very few people were actually fired for blogging. Oh yes, some people were fired for blogging, that much is true. I’m sure many […]

My must have WordPress plugins

Even though it’s been the holiday season, work on Using WordPress hasn’t slowed down only a wee bit. Several of the initial chapters are now in the loving hands of my editors and I’m proceeding full steam ahead. Since crowd sourcing works pretty darn well for getting feedback, commentary, and information, I’m looking for a […]

Remind me again, why don’t we live blog as much anymore?

Way, way back in 2005 I started live blogging at conferences. Blog Business Summit was the first a) blogging related conference I attended and b) the first conference I live blogged. From that point on I got to be pretty well known as a live blogger. It even got me into conferences and my travel […]

Foolproof, Basic Blogging Tip: More Posts Means More Traffic

Yes, I’ve been posting more here lately. It seems that my blogging has run in fits and starts of late. Part of the issue, I think, has been the diversity of places I could publish to, coupled with lots of projects on the go I didn’t publish enough. So for the past few week I’ve […]

WordPress Isn’t The Best CMS

Yes, you read that correctly, WordPress isn’t the best CMS out there. WordPress is, however, the CMS I like best. My BCIT class on Thursday afternoons is one of those great groups of students that everyone should have the opportunity to teach. They challenge me constantly. No, not in a disrespectful way, in an intelligent […]