The heir apparent to the Ubuntu Edge is the iPhone 5S


A while ago I wrote a piece for Geek Insider about the (unsuccessful) Indiegogo campaign for the Ubuntu Edge—The Ubuntu Edge is the Real Start of the Post-PC Era—where I made the case that the Ubuntu Edge would be the real start of the post-PC era. A hand-held device that would would switch to a […]

Free iWork and the End of the Tyranny of MS Office


I know the world is focused on the new iPhones (5C and 5S) with their cool colors, souped up power, and fingerprint scanner, but I think one of the early (and smaller) announcements during today’s event has more far reaching implications than the devices. Implications that should scare the crap out of the folks in […]

The Next Logical Step: iMacPadBook

I was just thinking about today’s WWDC announcements which led me to wonder how much Jony Ive has to do with designs products today which then led to the “ah ha” moment that, of course, Ive still contributes. In fact, not only that but he (and likely Tim Cook as well as the posthumous vision […]

Dropbox is the missing piece to make iCloud awesome and indispensable

One of the first things I did once I got iOS 5 and the update to OS X Lion was get iCloud set up and running. I think iCloud is great and I like how well contacts sync up, but, frankly, iCloud isn’t indispensable to my life right now. What is indispensable? Dropbox. I’ve lost […]

iOS 5, iCloud, and Lion Updates Will Start Really Changing Things

Apple (Canada) - iOS 5 - 200+ new features for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.

The griping about the iPhone 4S—which the more I think of it is a great update to the iPhone 4—has overshadowed the real stuff that is going to make us love our iOS devices more—iOS 5, iCloud, and the Lion updates to support them. By all accounts, iOS 5 fixes how freakin’ annoying notifications are […]