A Year of Customer Success

Six things I learned that you can try today I was the Director of Customer Success at TeamFit (formerly Nugg) for a year and it was one of the best professional experiences I’ve had in my life. I went into the job thinking I knew a thing or two about building products and customer success and left realizing […]

I’m a mercenary writer and here’s how I can help you


Over the past 10 years I’ve done lots of things—and gotten pretty good at a number of them—but one thing that I’ve become very good at is writing and teaching. I was (in 2004) Canada’s first professional blogger and ever since then the majority of my income has come from writing, blogging, or teaching people […]

HootSuite Isn’t a Social Media Dashboard


I’ve been a fan of HootSuite for years (the fact that they are also in Vancouver and lots of my friends work there is purely secondary). They quickly replaced TweetDeck as my Twitter dashboard of choice and if I’m advising clients on how to manage and update their social media profiles—HootSuite is the first (and […]

The Continued Relevance of Blogging Is In the Stories We Tell

Darren Rowse—long-time friend and fellow pro blogger—wrote about the 6 reasons blogging is still relevant in today’s social media filled world and while he’s bang on with his reasons he missed the most important one of all: people still like reading stories. It’s about the stories we tell Here are Darren’s six reasons for blogging’s […]

Why is it still so hard to review and edit blog posts?

In my short time at SoMedia, I was thrown back into a curious place that I hadn’t been to an a long, long time—people needed to review and edit my posts before they went live. I’m not saying that my writing is flawless (ha!) nor that it never needs a little polish, but in this […]