Sharing WordPress Tips and Tricks Through and Evernote

I’m doing a lot of research for my next book WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide . Not that I don’t do a lot of research for my books, but this time I’m saving articles, posts, infographics, and other data in Evernote. I thought about sharing a lot of the interesting tidbits I find here, then I realized that I honestly just don’t have the time to do it. I’m on too tight a deadline with too many other writing projects on the go to be able to post here (and write something pithy) every time I found something neat.

Then I remembered Over the weekend B.C.’s own won the Evernote Dev Cup, which reminded me that I had let my original (or Evernote-powered) site languish. What followed then I thought was just brilliant. Why not have the great WP tips and tricks I find and save to Evernote autiomatically post to a new website and share that Evernote notebook publicly so anyone can have these resources at hand?

So that’s exactly what I did.


Setting up with Evernote is truly a piece of cake. Took all of five minutes to get set, a little longer for the DNS info to propagate, and sharing an Evernote notebook publicly is just one click. I dashed off a quick post to give the site a little context and then synced up my notebook and done.

Now when I drop an article into that notebook, it will get published to the website and if you subscribe to the notebook you’ll see it when you sync. Pretty spiffy I think.

Check it out and let me know what you think.

Oh and you’ll notice one of the posts is also tagged “contextboost”, that’s because I’m using another of the DevCup winners Context Booster to add even more information to the posts I find with automatic research on additional topics in the posts. Pretty darn cool.

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