Rogers Missing the iPoint by Not Getting the iPhone in Canada

Although I did hear that the iPhone might be coming to Canada in October, this news from Engadget puts a serious damper on my enthusiasm:

Citing Canada?s smaller cellular market as one possible reason, Rogers CEO Nadir Mohamed said the device would likely go on sale in Europe before Canada. Rogers spokesperson Jan Innes added that the two sides aren?t currently in chats about the handset, but refused to comment on if they had been in the past ? though seriously, they?re nuts if they haven?t been. Source: Rogers Wireless puts Canadians on hold for iPhone – Engadget Mobile

Okay, fine there are more people in California than in all of Canada. Got it. However, there is one key point that I think that both Apple and Rogers are forgetting or missing: Canadians are techies. We love our tech. We jumped on debit cards years ago. Cell phones? Serious usage. And there is this little device named after a fruit that grows on a thorny cane. I think, especially given Rogers? high data rates, that Canadians will scoop up iPhones like crazy and Rogers will make real profit from them. We see the American tourists using them. We see them on American TV. We want them.

Getting the iPhone after Europe? Come on, talk about slighting your neighbors to the North. Get with it Rogers, step up to the plate, take a chance, I bet you won?t regret letting us in on the iFun.

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