Rock Me Amadeus: Marriage of Figaro Opening

Ah Mozart. Love Mozart’s music, but I haven’t been to a Mozart Opera before … until now. The Marriage of Figaro is the second play in a trilogy, Barber of Seville comes first in the series of plays, but as an opera was second (by 30 years, so the prequel isn’t a new invention!). Regardless, Vancouver Opera calls Figaro the ultimate “date opera” … I’m not sure about as ultimate. I mean Figaro is over 3.5 hours long! Yikes!

Regardless, Gus and I have already started to have some fun with our blogger night:

The gorgeous blonde is my friend Melanie Krueger who is here with me as Sheila is down south shopping.

Now, some tidbits from the tour (pictures later)…the set is from Banff and is about 20 years old (though it’s been fixed up since). Oh and the stage is “Coked”.


Yeah it’s a raked stage (so it’s tilted towards the audience) and I guess the pitch was so steep that the performers were having trouble keeping their footing. So the stage was mopped with, wait for it, 50/50 Coke and water. Yeah, it’s sticky. Really sticky.

It might be icky, but icky is better than a performer slipping and breaking something!

Another interesting bit is that each Act has a wall as a backdrop (real-ish wall), for each Act, up goes one wall revealing one behind. Interesting part of this is that each act then gives the performers more room on stage.

I guess that’s intentional. I’m going to see how it works into the story.

Will I be updating between acts? Well, you know how it usually goes. I don’t often get to finish a post before the intermission is up, so don’t count on it. Tweets? That’s much more likely.

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