Okay Nespresso Time to Step Up Your Customer Service (case closed)

2013-10-09 10.56.14 HDR

Please see the updates below… Let me say this straight out—my wife and I love our Nespresso. We’ve had it for three years now (it was a wedding present) and I love being able to make great coffee at home and the fact that I can recycle 100% of the packaging and pods (take that Keurig […]

Snugg Leather iPad Mini Case: Solid Case, but Not Perfect

Open with a card, notebook, and pen.

Way back when, was able to get an iPad mini when they first came out—launch day in fact—because I was with iPhoneHacks at the time. From the moment I started using the iPad mini I loved it. Small, light, perfect for reading and light browsing. Writing? Eh, maybe not. Quick email, sure, but… Anyway, when […]