ReviewMe Launches … and here is my ReviewMe review (paid review)

I've been pretty swamped lately (hence the lack of posts on any of my blogs), but I did get my e-mail from ReviewMe before it was posted on Techcrunch.? It seems that Michael is softening his tone a tad on ReviewMe:

ReviewMe has a somewhat different model that PayPerPost. Where advertisers on PayPerPost set a single fee that is paid to all bloggers regardless of their size, ReviewMe uses an algorithm based on Alexa, Technorati and other statistics to determine the importance of a blog and charges a different fee for each blog based on the calculation. Blogger payments range from $30 – $1,000 per post.

Also, Bloggers must disclose that the review is a paid advertisement. They can do this in anyway they choose, ie ?The following is a paid review:? ?Paid Advertisement:? etc. This is another improvement over PayPerPost, which is heavily criticized because it does not require disclosure.

In my previous posts on the subject, and in discussions at Blog Business Summit, I've said I believe that getting paid to do a review isn't necessarily bad.? I think if you disclose that this is a review, disclose if you are receiving compensation for it, and the blogger can be free to give a good or bad review … then it's okay.

The folks at TLA (recently acquired, if you missed the news) had this to say to Michael:

In an email exchange, a company spokesperson said ?We are planning on burying PayPerPost.? While we do not endorse this business model, we do note that ReviewMe has removed the most egregious aspects of the PayPerPost business model: no disclosure requirement, and a requirement to write a positive post.

So in the spirit of ReviewMe's offer to pay for reviews of itself … well here go my thoughts about the service thus far, not the concept (I'm pretty clear on how I feel about the concept).

I got the e-mail yesterday that ReviewMe had launched.? I had signed up for the list to be notified so I was impressed that I heard close to or before Techcrunch.? Good move, IMHO, because then people aren't wondering if they "made the cut" or something.? I hate it when I've signed up for a beta program, Techcrunch says it's out, and I'm waiting a day or two to try it.

Okay, sign up process.? Pretty simple and straightforward.? No tricky stuff, or things I had to look up or confirm to get in initially.? One thing that was a bit confusing was that I was wondering when I set up my account when do I tell them about my blog(s).? That part does come later, also easy, and you can set up more than one blog into the system.

I thought the blog step up was pretty darn smooth.? Slick acutally.? They do the check, based on that blog juice algorithm, and tell you how much you posts will be worth (I assume that this could fluctuate … but I'm not sure).? I put two blogs in, this one and Daddy Wears Slippers to Work.? As I expected they were assigned different post-values.? Which, again, makes sense.

It wasn't too, too easy to see the offer to review them as your first review, would have liked that as an immediate thing.? E-mail confirmations did come quickly though.? I was given 48 hours to complete the post (so about 11 PM Saturday), which is pretty fair in this case.

Have no idea how smooth the payment via PayPal will go, but the TLA folks have it down pretty good, so I'm not expecting any hitches.

Last cool thing.? I got an e-mail this morning from TLA that all my TLA approved blogs were automatically approved for ReviewMe (was this why my blogs were accepted so fast … maybe so).? Another nice touch to get the ball rolling.

Final word: I like it so far.? I think this is a good strong model.? And I hope it works out.

Update: I posted the review about 12:30 and by 3 PM the review was approved.? The process was pretty smooth to submit the review.? I think they could make it a tad easier to enter the URL.? You have to edit the review … could be a little clearer.? Regardless, I'll receive my $50 for the review in December.? Which is fair, since paying people right away would be a royal pain in the administrative butt.

Near-final word: The service is off to a good start.? I haven't received requests for other reviews yet, so I can't comment on that process.? I'm hoping to receive more review requests soon.? I think an important part of this process is being able to pass on doing a review.? Like to see if there is a way to give feedback.

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