Returning to Freelance Writing—Have Thesaurus, Will Travel

It hasn’t exactly been a secret, but I haven’t made it public until now—Simply Computing and I are parting ways. I had a great time working there, and I certainly learned a lot about retail, however, this is one of those times when the business timing just wasn’t quite there for everything to work out. No fault, no blame, just the harsh reality of economics.

Of course the inevitable, “So, what’s next for you?” question follows right on the heels of announcements of leaving a job, so I’ll tell you…

I’m going back to what I love best: writing, professional blogging, and blogging in general.

Yes, I’m re-entering the world of freelance writing.

Not that I ever really left freelance writing. I’ve been working on books and book proposals even while at Simply (the second edition of Create Your Own Blog is due on shelves any time now, plus Catherine Winters and I are madly working on our WordPress templates book), but now I’m going full bore looking for freelance writing projects.

Need a seasoned writer to contribute to your tech blog? Have a newsletter that could use a lead article that pops? Need someone who can write (and video) product reviews for your site? Zap me a line at tris [at] or fill out this handy form and let’s talk.

I’m excited—and more than a little scared—about this new direction, but sometimes you just have to let go and jump in. So … here we go!



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    No reason to be scared Tris. You are a talented writer with a very broad set of skills. Any smart company worth their weight in cash should be able to recognize that your writing is solid and thus they should hire you. Best of luck, as always, my friend. 

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