Readdle Updates Calendars and Makes It Awesome

It’s funny how Apple do so many things really well, but just misses the boat on a few core apps on the iPad. Mail is a common whipping boy, but let’s not forget the build in Calendar app. Clunky, slow, cumbersome, and just not the best app in the world. Sure it works, but I only use it to check my schedule not actually manage it.

Get ready to be wowed, the worthy alternative to the build-in Calendar, Calendars by Readdle received a big update recently and I think you sound take a look at it if you manage any kind of complex schedule.

There is no question that I’m a huge fan of the apps that Readdle offers. I have many of them, and several stay prominently on my homescreen or close at hand. Since I’ve been using the apps so much, Readdle let me take a look at the beta of the new update. I installed it, looked at it, configured it.

And I didn’t get it.

At first I just didn’t see what the big deal was. It looked like a calendar to me. So I emailed back and said…“um, what am I missing here?”

Turns out I was missing a lot.

Unlike Calendar, you have lots of ways to look at your schedule and tasks. Tasks connect with Google or Reminders, so you can have your to dos with your appointments. The app works well offline (data are synced in the background). Most of all, though, is the fact that it’s actually easy to book appointments. Just a long tap or drag on a day and it’s there. Multiple calendars? No problem. While you can only connect to one Google account (so pick your primary one), if you add other Google accounts (and their calendars and tasks) in under Accounts, you can view those calendars by turning on the “Local Calendars” option.

Now, this is one of the places where I was a little grumpy at first. Suddenly I had lots of duplicate appointments and I couldn’t figure out the best mix of ons and offs to make things look the best. Honestly, that was just me. Calendars makes picking and choosing which calendars to show at any given time a breeze. One thing that bugs the snot out of me with the Calendar (Apple) on both OS X and iOS is when I need to book an appointment that is at the same time as something that one of my shared calendars already has an appointment. It’s a real pain to have to start an appointment at an off time and the set it straight. With Calendars you just long tap anywhere on an open space and just drag to the right time. Sure you have to start in a blank, but it’s just one smooth motion to get an appointment into the right time slot.

At this point you’re probably thinking, “Awesome! Let me grab it now!” and if you go to the App Store you’ll see that it’s $7. This sticker shock might scare a lot of you away and, frankly, that’s a shame. Calendars is a really solid app that does what it does really well and better than the default. If you have a lot of calendars to keep track of, tasks to manage, or appointments to juggle…this is a great app. Readdle makes great apps. Readdle also constantly improves their apps (PDF Expert for iPad is my fav PDF reading app and it just gets better and better with every update). Readdle apps aren’t cheap, because great apps cost money to develop, improve, and support. Yes, I receive a lot of Readdle apps for free to review. but I also buy a lot of Readdle apps myself (Remarks and Scanner Pro for example). So I can say with conviction that the money you spend on an app like Calendars isn’t money wasted. Period.


Disclosure: I received a promo code for this app for review.

Originally posted on the Future Shop Tech Blog

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