Watch, Contribute, and Create a Story About Vancouver


I get to participate in some pretty darn interesting things. I’ve blogged about the opening night of an opera. I’ve live tweeted operas. I’ve covered events of all kinds, but nothing like what I’m doing tonight. Tonight I’ll be watching, tweeting, and contributing to an original story about Vancouver being written live and on stage. […]

Sharing WordPress Tips and Tricks Through and Evernote


I’m doing a lot of research for my next book WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide . Not that I don’t do a lot of research for my books, but this time I’m saving articles, posts, infographics, and other data in Evernote. I thought about sharing a lot of the interesting tidbits I find here, then I […]

Snugg Leather iPad Mini Case: Solid Case, but Not Perfect

Open with a card, notebook, and pen.

Way back when, was able to get an iPad mini when they first came out—launch day in fact—because I was with iPhoneHacks at the time. From the moment I started using the iPad mini I loved it. Small, light, perfect for reading and light browsing. Writing? Eh, maybe not. Quick email, sure, but… Anyway, when […]