C6 Magnefix Is a Clever Stylish Case for Your iPad Mini

2013-10-11 10.27.30 HDR

Just after I received the Snugg case to review, I was asked if I would review another iPad mini case! You all know that I have several guilty pleasures—iPad cases, bags, pencils, and fountain pens—so when someone offers me a chance to try out a cool looking iPad case, you know I’ll jump on that […]

Okay Nespresso Time to Step Up Your Customer Service (case closed)

2013-10-09 10.56.14 HDR

Please see the updates below… Let me say this straight out—my wife and I love our Nespresso. We’ve had it for three years now (it was a wedding present) and I love being able to make great coffee at home and the fact that I can recycle 100% of the packaging and pods (take that Keurig […]

Opera Ninja Returns!


Yes the stealthy tweeter is back and live tweeting the dress rehearsals of Vancouver Opera. Opera Ninja was last seen during La Traviata, but since then…silence. I mean there’s stealthy and then there is…absence. Fear not opera fans, I will again be donning the mask of the Opera Ninja for this opera season! First up: […]

Watch, Contribute, and Create a Story About Vancouver


I get to participate in some pretty darn interesting things. I’ve blogged about the opening night of an opera. I’ve live tweeted operas. I’ve covered events of all kinds, but nothing like what I’m doing tonight. Tonight I’ll be watching, tweeting, and contributing to an original story about Vancouver being written live and on stage. […]

Sharing WordPress Tips and Tricks Through Postach.io and Evernote


I’m doing a lot of research for my next book WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide . Not that I don’t do a lot of research for my books, but this time I’m saving articles, posts, infographics, and other data in Evernote. I thought about sharing a lot of the interesting tidbits I find here, then I […]