Opera Ninja Returns!

Yes the stealthy tweeter is back and live tweeting the dress rehearsals of Vancouver Opera. Opera Ninja was last seen during La Traviata, but since then…silence. I mean there’s stealthy and then there is…absence. Fear not opera fans, I will again be donning the mask of the Opera Ninja for this opera season! First up: Tosca.

ninja2Oh yes the tragic love story from Puccini. I’ve been hearing a lot of Tosca around here this summer. Sheila, as part of the Yulanda M. Farris Young Artists Program, is understudying the role so the arias from Tosca have been soaring through the house all summer and fall. I know I’ll be in for something just awesome.

How can you follow along? It will all start about 7 PM (maybe a little earlier) on Thursday, October 24th and instead of the Opera Ninja Twitter account, I’ll be tweeting from the main Vancouver Opera account. Make sure you follow Vancouver Opera on Twitter so you can get all the opera updates plus follow along with the return of the Opera Ninja for Tosca. I’ll be sharing backstory, trivia, and maybe some behind-the-scenes stuff from the production as well. If you have questions…ask them! I’ll answer all your opera (and Tosca) questions.

Until then…the Ninja must prepare.

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