Okay Nespresso Time to Step Up Your Customer Service (case closed)

Please see the updates below…

Let me say this straight out—my wife and I love our Nespresso. We’ve had it for three years now (it was a wedding present) and I love being able to make great coffee at home and the fact that I can recycle 100% of the packaging and pods (take that Keurig and Tassimo). However, our recent experience with Nespresso and their customer service has been nothing but an epic fail. So here it is Nespresso. Time to step up and fix this. Let me tell you our story…

Mmm, great coffee…

Over the past three years we’ve bought…oh heck I don’t even want to think about how much we’ve spent on Nespresso pods. Hey the cost of the pods and milk at home for an Americano (my fav) or Latte (my wife’s) is still cheaper than a coffee out. So when Sheila wanted to get a new Nespresso Pixie on sale (and take our machine to work)…we figured it would be just as fast and easy to order from them as usual.

We were wrong. Oh so wrong.

Let’s Get This Order Right

Here’s the story.

Sheila went down to the Bay and picked up some Nespresso pods (we were out of our favs at home) and lo and behold the new Pixies were on sale. Big sale. And in the color Sheila wanted (electric blue)…so she went home and ordered it online. Oh that and another $200 worth of pods for the machine.

2013-10-09 10.56.14 HDRThe very next day (which is usual for Nespresso) a big box arrived! W00t! I left the box right there for Sheila to open when she got home. After pulling out an insane number of pods (anyone want to come over for an espresso-based beverage?), there is the new Nespresso machine!

Box opened and…

It’s the wrong color. The outside of the box is labeled with the right color, but the machine in the box is wrong. Grumble, grumble.

Sheila calls Nespresso customer service…and waits…and waits. She talks to an agent who seems to have no answers about why we got the wrong color or even if the right color is in stock. So Sheila asks for a supervisor. Once. Twice. Three times and keeps getting the run around. In a fit of frustration, she hands the phone to me.

I lay down the law. I want a supervisor on the phone now. No excuses. The next voice I want to hear is a supervisor. Yes, I’m pissed.

A supervisor comes on and I think we’ve gotten things straight. A new Pixie will be shipped out right away and the old one picked up by UPS. Excellent. This, by the way, is Thursday evening…. Time on the phone: 1 hour.

Monday comes and goes and UPS hasn’t picked up the wrong Pixie and the new one hasn’t arrived either. Hmm. I call Nespresso (again) and I’m told that the replacement was shipped last Thursday. Cool. Great, can’t wait.

Wait, It Hasn’t Been Sent?

So today (Wednesday), we still have a big box in the hall with the Pixie to go back and no Pixie to replace it. I call Nespresso.


Huh. No the Pixie hasn’t been shipped. This is bad. I ask to speak to a supervisor. Sure, let me take your name and number and a supervisor will call you within 24 hours. Wait, what?

So a customer, a great and loyal customer, can’t talk to a supervisor when an order has gone pear shaped? And there is no indication of why the wrong one was sent and new one will (or if) be coming? I’m waiting for a call back from the supervisor (I said I wanted to hear within an hour…ha!) to get some real answers. I’m not amused.

Your Move Nespresso

The ball is in your court Nespresso. We want the right machine. We want straight answers and tracking numbers. We want this to be made right—right now.


Well, one of the supervisors “Angela” finally called me. I got her to admit that the CSRs lie when they say “there aren’t any supervisors here”. I got in a little chiding about lying to your customers. Right now…well we’re approaching happy. We were told that UPS would pick up the item to return, but in actual fact we were supposed to drop off the machine. Yeah, big difference. Funny that was never mentioned in the three times I called before I got to talk with Angela today. So UPS is actually coming to pick up the unit from us (hopefully by Friday, since it’s a long weekend here) and we’re supposed to have the right unit on Friday as well. According to Angela we’re receiving something extra for our troubles…don’t know what yet, but we’ll see. So, lessons for Nespresso:

  1. Don’t lie to your customers. We will call bullsh*t. It’s bad customer service to say “there are no supervisors here” when we all know that’s a bald faced lie. Busy, not able to talk, fine. Just don’t make up something so obviously untrue.
  2. When a customer asks to speak to a supervisor saying someone will try to call you in 24 hours isn’t good enough. Really? Twenty four hours? Maybe? If it’s gotten to the point where a customer is really angry, done wrong, and upset…either get someone on the phone right then or say something like a person will call you shortly.
  3. Make sure your CSRs have the tools, information, and latitude that they need. A lot of this problem was because we happened to pick a really popular color when the Nespresso Pixies were on sale (like $100 off). The CSRs couldn’t tell if the item was even in stock. That’s setting a CSR up to fail.
  4. Be absolutely crystal clear about what needs to happen. So my wife was supposed to get an email with the return number and something to print out. She didn’t. Also since we were expecting UPS to arrive to take the item away, we didn’t know this was a problem.
  5. Own the mistakes and when you say you’ve fixed it—it needs to be fixed. Last Thursday (almost a week ago) I was told the replacement had been shipped. I was told on Monday the replacement had been shipped. The replacement hadn’t actually been shipped at all.

It remains to be seen if we’ll get the replacement this week and if the wrong machine (I said they should just refund our money and let us keep it as Nespresso’s gift to us) goes away. We’ll see.

Update 2…

It’s a new day and we have a very surprising and welcome update—this morning Sheila received a call from the president of Nespresso Canada! He apologized for the problems and asked if we would be home tomorrow afternoon so people from the boutique downtown could personally deliver our machine and a gift.


Fabulous news. Just wonderful. The gesture from the president—fantastic.

Here’s what I hope Nespresso learns from this: Make sure your CSRs can do their jobs effectively. That’s it. Make sure the CSRs can get immediate information on stock levels, be clear about return shipping, and ship out replacements rapidly. I feel like the CSRs throughout this ordeal were truly hamstrung by their own rules. I’ll share pictures of the new machine and updates tomorrow.

Update 3…

Sigh. This afternoon Scott from the Downtown Nespresso Boutique came by with a new Pixie, scads of coffee, chocolate (mmm), and glassware. We had a nice chat, but…yeah it was still the wrong color Pixie. Ugh. The electric royal blue color must have been so freakin’ popular that there is one, one, left in Canada. And it isn’t here. I called Scott (we now have a direct line to the president of Nespresso and the local store manager) and he’s swapping it out for a red one.

And all of this could have been avoided.

All Nespresso had to do was call and tell Sheila that the color she picked wasn’t in stock any more, can we send you one of these other colors. Before even shipping, just a simple call or email would have done the trick.

I am, without doubt or reservation, pleased with how nicely we’ve been treated since this posts went up. That’s awesome. Yes, Nespresso stepped up to the plate. They certainly tried to make it right. It didn’t quite work the first go, but they are making it right now.

Now I think it’s time for a pre-holiday weekend “Bailey-ccino” (a cappuccino made with cream and Bailey’s instead of milk).


    • says

      I hope so too. The worst of it is that the problem was actually within their manufacturing process. The box notes the right color…what was in the box was wrong.

  1. Disappointed says

    I am going through the same thing as you. While you had the president call you and had someone personally deliver your machine to you. It took them 2.5 weeks to even get me a return authorization. When I wanted my correct colour they told me it is not in stock anymore. Dealing with “Angela” too but my experience is not as positive as yours. Finally agreed to a new U milk at 50% off but cannot even place the order as per CSR there are no notes on file. Now I need to wait from Angela again. I’ve been on the phone for over 3 hours about this one machine that was not the colour I ordered. I hate Nespresso’s customer service!!!

    Guess I need to start my own blog to see some results.

  2. Disappointed says

    Thanks for your support. I got my new machine today. It looks great and I’m sure it will make great coffee. My journey sadly does not end with Angela as she over charged me for the machine based on the discount we discussed. I am not looking forward to hearing her voice again. I want to love Nespresso coffee but their customer service is making it hard.for me!!!!!!!

    My story will not end here. People need to know about the horrendous service they are providing.

  3. Anthony says

    I’ve horrific customer service from Nespresso Canada right out of the gate. It’s only been a week and I’ve spent literally 4 hours on a) a minor incident that should never have been or might have been rectified in minutes, and b) a series of foul-ups that would be funny if it wasn’t so infuriating.

    My sample pack was missing, my $25 express-shipped order… wasn’t, my 24 hour wait for a supervisor took longer, a (should be) minor online account discrepancy that I was told was fixed… wasn’t… x3. And for the WAY too much time spent by me on all this, I got my $25 back… as a credit… something I paid for (express service) that I didn’t get, I wasn’t even initially offered my money back, and a nominal gift (?) with a value of $30 (cost to them, likely a small fraction of that).

    The coffee is good but the service is HORRID, and what’s worse, I get the sense that they truly don’t care that it’s horrid. The CSRs are very pleasant, but let’s face it, I’m not looking for a friend here. A pleasant voice is all good and well, but I need substance. Do what I need you to do, what you say you’ll do, what you should be doing in the first place, and I’ll be a happy customer. That didn’t happen, and so I’m not.


  4. Shay says

    I’m going through problems with Nespresso customer service as well, I found your site while looking to see if anybody else has had my problem. I ordered 2 machines during their 25% off sale. My card was charged and then I got an email that my order would be cancelled if I didn’t call them. Unfortunately, this went to my junk mail so I missed their 2 day deadline within which to call them. They cancelled my order, but waited a whole week to refund the money on my card. Meanwhile, I’ve called them a total of 6 times and keep getting the run around.

    I’m told they can’t connect me to the department I need, they will call me within 24 hours, but they never call. So I call again, same story. I was told there will be no problem re-instating my order, I will get the same discount, but the person I am speaking to just can’t do it, it is some secret department that handles this.

    Finally, I get somebody who can re-order my machines. But alas, this person tells me everybody was wrong that I could still get my 25% discount. This sale is over, and there is nothing they can do to help me. I know this is a lie. I have $200 of coffee that I can’t use, just sitting on the counter. Nobody can tell me what was wrong with my orders for the machines, for them to have been cancelled.

    Finally, I agree to $75 off each machine plus some free cups. This is still not equivalent to the 25% off, but I have this coffee I can’t use, and the other machine is a Christmas gift, so I just want to get this over with. I place the order and am told everything is shipped. Now today they call and leave me a message that I need to contact them, I call back and the lady has left for the day (she said she’d be there until 7, but apparently not). Nobody else has any idea what the problem is or why I was called, so nobody is able to help me. She is supposed to call me back.

    I hope this coffee truly is the best I’ve ever had, because this experience has been horrible.

    Rant over.

  5. Ankur says

    Dude. You got the wrong color espresso machine and you went through all of this? You’ve used and enjoyed their product for three years and your one review will stop people from enjoying the same products and services you have.

    • says

      Ankur, the point was that yeah we got the wrong color and we wanted what we ordered, but the customer service was so horrible that it took making a big stink to make it right. From the other comments here, it seems that other people have had similar issues. It has nothing do to with their products—Nespresso machines are amazing and I love the coffee—it’s the service in Canada that has been a problem. So if people choose not to buy because of that…that is something Nespresso needs to deal with.

  6. says

    Nespresso does have a HORRIFIC customer service and it couldn’t care less. Once Nespresso have your money you better be ready to waste time over the phone to try and fix the problem. Nespresso sold me back order gift cards without letting me know; and charged my credit card right away. I was even charged $6.95 for two day delivery! BTW a stamp is way less than that!!! Obviously the cards were never at my door two days later, not even four days later…I found out about the cards being back order by calling the customer service but not after the first call I made. No on the first call the CS checked what was going on with my order, apologized profusely and told me that she personally made sure that the cards had left the warehouse at the moment we were speaking and that I was to receive them in two days. Since the cards were to be Xmas gifts and CS didn’t know when the cards would be available it was decided that a reimbursement would be issued to me on my third call. I’m fast forwarding over other calls I placed to Nespresso CS… It’s been three weeks and I am still awaiting a reimbursement from Nespresso. Nespresso is quick to grab your cash but not so quick at reimbursing!!!!
    Luckily there are generic coffee pods available on the market now; and guess what: they’re cheaper!!!! And when my machine breaks down I sure as hell won’t replace it. From now on I’ll never have to deal with Nespresso ever again…Nespresso lost a good custumer due to its bad CS; good coffee isn’t enough Mr the president Nespresso.

  7. Verity Wislocki says

    We love our Nespresso machine and probably spend £60 per month on coffee pods. Our machine just broke, we called ‘Customer Service’ who looked it up with the serial number and confirmed it is still under warranty. HOWEVER we need to produce proof of purchase or we will have to pay to get it fixed… I really don’t understand that in this day and age. If they can tell when we purchased it why do we need to produce proof of purchase?! It was a birthday gift to my husband from my parents and now I have to ask them to trawl through all their receipts to look for proof from years ago. What a pain!

  8. Tom Richardson says

    Absolutely horrible customer service. Got my machine a month ago. Had a hell of a time getting them to process paperwork for the $75 credit they advertise for coffee purchases. Small stuff, no purchase price on receipt. Nobody available who can verify they even received the info I sent them 3 times! NY office always closed so customer service cannot help. No supervisor available. I’ve about had it with them . K-Cup machines looking better all the time

  9. Maria McGee says

    My boyfriend is a huge coffee fan, (we’re in Ireland) and I was going to treat him to a Nespresso machine and pods for Christmas.. I placed an order on 29/11/13 for the coffee maker and pods (total order nearly €160) By the 11/12/13 I had still not received my order. I rang to see when it would be received and only then was I told the item was out of stock. Surely, a major company, should be able to manage to notify customers of order problems! I received no apology for not being informed of the issue, and they proceeded to order a different item for me. I spoke with my boyfriend and told him about the present and asked him about the new one ordered and he didn’t like the other style so I rang again, about ten minutes later, to cancel the second order. I was informed that it could take up to 28 days for my account to be credited (in this day and age??), I asked for confirmation that my order was cancelled (because the CSR didn’t sound like he had the first idea what he was at) and now on January 29th, 7 weeks later, I still have not received my refund. This is completely ridiculous.. they just lost a customer in me and my boyfriend!!.

  10. Maria McGee says

    I meant to finish that sentence sorry..
    I asked for confirmation that my order was cancelled (because the CSR didn’t sound like he had the first idea what he was at) and he told me the call was confirmation of the cancellation.. not much faith in them there.. A lot happened (family-wise) over Christmas so I forgot about it until I was looking at my bank account statement! Emailed them and still waiting to hear back from them. Not impressed!

  11. Kathryn says

    What a ride of disappointment and wasted time! Bought a Citiz for my inl-laws and had a wonderful time trying to register the machine to receive the $75 in coffee pods. I truly loved spending a hour and a half on their website and then really cherished the time spent on the phone with the super helpful customer service rep, So polite and not confrontational or condescending at all. True professionals. So what do I do? I go and buy a Citiz for myself and my husband (glutton for punishment, I guess). And have problems with it as soon as we try making coffee. Espresso came out lukewarm, less than a teaspoon was extracted for a small and over five ounces were extracted for a large cup. Needless to say, the espresso tasted horrible. Called the ever pleasant and super efficient customer service only to be told that it’s not the machine. After wasting two sleeves of pods ( which they didn’t want to replace) they said they would send me a “loaner” while my machine is getting fixed. What?!?!? How about a new machine, replacement pods and last but certainly not least….BE NICE TO YOUR CUSTOMERS NESPRESSO!!!!

  12. Michelle says

    Can you please forward me the presidents info? I am so angry I need him to hear me cause no one else will. Please help me.

    • michael says

      I bought a pixie nespresso in good faith and i think its out of line that you do not respect the customer also in good faith its been nearly six weeks since i registered for my $75 credit and after 5 phone called to your CALL CENTER nobody has taken the time to sought out this issue ref#for my calls 9555 13458 .

  13. BIbi says

    Has anyone had any problems with the inconsistancies in the taste of thier nespresso coffee? over the past few months we are having to throw away more and more cups of coffee becuase of bad taste. One day the cup tastes great and the next it tastes like its burnt of like someone threw in 5 sachets of artificial sweetner…and I dont take sugar or milk in my coffee…just from the machine to the cup to my mouth. Any one? Thanks

  14. Garry W says

    Nespresso Australia, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I purchase a machine November last year, on the basis of a $100 cash back offer. I faithfully sent my original receipt and filled out the form you required and waited, and waited. Finally, I received an SMS to say my cash back was approved and I would need to wait another 28 days. When the cheque arrived, the name was misspelt. And so a torrid saga begins. To contact Nespresso and have them understand your story is so very hard. To have the correction issued took 2 months. When, after many phone calls and exchange of SMS or email, I received an SMS to say my cash back offer was approved, I was so relieved. They very next day I received an SMS to say my cash back offer was “rejected”. I called to once again express my disappointment, to find the cash back offer was rejected because the photo attached to the claim was fuzzy and could not be clearly seen. Hang on! I sent the original paper receipt. It was a Nespresso staff member who took a photo and now my claim is rejected because they attach a fuzzy photo!!?? I called to once again, express my disappointment. I was advised they would rush through my cash back and I would receive the cheque quite soon. Well………I waited and waited and called once again to express my disappointment at the lack of receipt. I was advised the process was stopped while they conducted an investigation. You what!! I did everything ‘just so’; why is my cheque being held up while you investigate yourselves? Anyhooooo, I received my cheque today, and when I called to let them know, the member number on their letter, which I quoted to ID myself, was somebody else, and was advised that they do not have me recorded at all. There were no Garry’s in my suburb. Nespresso, you are so very incompetent. I am more than disappointed I purchased this coffee machine. You spoiled my whole experience.

  15. says

    Wait, wasn’t the machine purchased through E-Bay? According to this story, the machine and coffee were purchased through E-bay. “Sheila went down to the Bay and picked up some Nespresso pods (we were out of our favs at home) and lo and behold the new Pixies were on sale. Big sale. And in the color Sheila wanted (electric blue)…so she went home and ordered it online. Oh that and another $200 worth of pods for the machine.”

    If you purchased a machine through E-bay and they made a mistake, don’t you think it’s only right to call E-bay and complain to them about the issue.

    Sounds to me like you lucked out with Nespresso and them giving you a free machine and all. So stop complaining!

    • says

      Not eBay, The Hudson’s Bay Company, largest Canadian retailer (and oldest company), we just call it The Bay. There is a special store within the store run by Nespresso within the larger department store.

  16. Philip says

    I have just had some of the Nespresso charm regarding a faulty citiz machine that is just within guarantee. Customer disservice operative obviously worked from a script designed to fend the customer off. Won’t bore you with the details but the whole affair became Kafkaesque! Needless to say the CDO regarded the matter closed, the standard reply to my challenges was “I’m sorry that you feel that way.” No way was Nespresso going to provide a satisfactory outcome.
    Also, I raised the matter of repeated non-collection of capsules for recycling. Again, same reaction, no help there either. At least Nespresso is consistent in their poor service. I love Nespresso coffee and have purchased three machines in total. How does the company expect brand loyalty to continue when customers are treated in this shoddy fashion?

    • Judy says

      I purchased a “U Milk” machine as a gift two weeks ago .The CSR completely ruined my experience. I am a member of nespresso and gave her my member #. I explained that this was a gift and wanted it delivered to an address other than my own. I also had just received a new Visa number and updated that in my records. My only disappointment was that I was told Nespresso does not do gift wrapping or send gift cards. I found that hard to believe. Also the cost of the machine was not as advertised. I checked with the rep. several times re the above and nothing changed.

      Three hours later I decided to call back as I felt something just wasn’t correct. Sure enough,
      A. The unit which I had ordered was not that which was to be shipped.

      B. The CSR had not changed my Visa number and consequently the unit WOULD NOT have been shipped.

      C. She was having it delivered to me, not my friend. A completely different state.

      D. Gift cards and wrapping IS available.

      E. The cost was changed to reflect the proper machine.

      F. I spoke with a supervisor “Cherise” and was told all would be fine now.

      G. Well, three days later my friend received the machine.

      H. Guess What? The wrong machine!!!

      I. It has since been picked up and replaced with the correct one.

      J. I am now in the process of trying to obtain the $75 credit for further purchases of coffee.

      K. When supplying the Serial # on line—which I have now done four times. Nespresso claims there is no such #.

      Pretty soon I will have gone through the entire alphabet.

      Nespresso-this is the last time I will purchase products on-line using your website, or calling your reps. inorder to purchase coffee. BB&B sells your coffee too, and it is less than buying it online.

      Must say, as I told Cherise, if I ran my business the way Nespresso is running theirs I would have gone OUT of BUSINESS long ago. The first young lady whom I dealt with would have been fired and Cherise wouldn’t be far behind. Telling me everything had been looked after and then the incorrect machine being delivered!!!

  17. Victoria Downing says

    Being a member of the supposed fidelity program for netspresso is a FARCE! You wait in lines just to buy the stuff, the service people are superciliously snobby . I have two machines in two different homes so I am always stocking up, what has the loyalty program ever given me. Not one free capsule!!!! What is worse if you try to avoid giving your name, just want to quickly buy the stuff and run, they wont process the order unless they have your details. So we are doing their customer research, giving them statistics and receiving not even a birthday sleeve of coffee Please god someone else make the equivalent machine and capsules so we can all escape!!!!!

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