Nvu…simple WYSIWYG HTML editing, and it's open source too

Here's a quick review of a little open source WYSIWYG HTML editor that I've been using for a few months now (not that I edit much HTML anymore)–Nvu 0.9 – vnunet.com.  I've used a ton of editors over the years.  I started with Simpletext and Notepad, graduated to BBEdit, then to Cyberstudio (now GoLive), but these day's I'm not designing many sites.  Still having a WYSIWYG editor around is essential to me (if nothing else to edit my HTML sig file for e-mails).  This one is really good.  It has most of the features a power user might want, but is still easy enough for a newbie to tackle and create a decent page quickly.  Worth a download and try for sure.
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