Please nominate me to speak at TEDxUBC

I know many of you have heard of the TED conference as well as the offshoot TEDx conferences. This October TEDxUBC is happening and the theme is right up my alley:

“The iGeneration will expect instant responses from parents, teachers and everyone else… they will never be off the grid.” Children of Cyberspace. Old fogies in their 20s? The New York Times Digital Learners
What ideas should be spread on the future of business and technology education? This question frames our working theme for TEDxUBC.
link: Theme · TEDxUBC

Yep, my friend and pet topic, technology and education. When I tweeted the link to nominate speakers—Nominate a Speaker · TEDxUBCTod Maffin replied … what would I talk about. This was my reply back to him (on Facebook):

No pressure to come up with a winner on the spot…

I see all of us being hit with more and more tech tools, but not the context of how to use them best … best as an individual or team. Use the CMS because … this app because… and often the because doesn’t match what people really need to get things done, how they learn, or really need.

So, no I don’t have a fully-formed TED talk in my head (yet), but speaking at a TED conference is one of my dreams and goals in life. And, frankly, I think I would rock it.

In the past couple years I have (further) cemented my belief that teaching and writing is “what I should be doing”. I have enjoyed speaking for years and have no fear of it. My passion for technology, education, and teaching is pretty well known. So, the next question is:

Will you help me with this life goal?

Yes, I’ll be sending my own “I think I would be a great TEDxUBC speaker” email to go with my application to one of the 100 people to attend the event. I heard the TEDxVAN event last year was a great event … and I don’t want to miss it this year.

Not only do I not want to miss it, I want to be a part of it.


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