A Year of Customer Success

Six things I learned that you can try today I was the Director of Customer Success at TeamFit (formerly Nugg) for a year and it was one of the best professional experiences I’ve had in my life. I went into the job thinking I knew a thing or two about building products and customer success and left realizing […]

Marco Arment’s The Magazine Might Be the Right Path


You know where I consume the vast majority of my news and other reading? My iPad. Why? Because I truly prefer to hold something that I'm reading. When I want to catch up on the news of the day, I grab my iPad and fire up Zite or Fever or Reeder. I don't think I'm […]

Google Buying QuickOffice is the Death Knell for Microsoft

Office for Android, iPad, iPhone & Symbian » Quickoffice

That’s it, Microsoft you’re now toast. An also-ran. The writing is on the wall. Ship has sailed… Okay you get the idea. Why am I making this pronouncement? Because Google just scooped up QuickOffice which now renders Microsoft nearly (nearly) irrelevant in regards to its core product—MS Office. Google buys QuickOffice: what it means to […]

Starting a new job: Joining eCrypt Technologies February 1st

I’m happy to announce that starting February 1st I’m going to be joining the encryption startup eCrypt as their full time web-social media-community manager guy. This is a very exciting time for me, the new product that eCrypt has in the works is quite cool and could very well spark a whole new interest in […]

Lately on Techplanations: Headset Contest, Gifts for Geeks, Basic computer fixes, and Telelympics Part 1


Things have been pretty active over on my Vancouver Observer column, Techplanations. WIth the holidays coming up I had to cover gift ideas for geeks: Getting Great Gifts for Geeks and since we all need to stop talking on our cellphones while starting in BC starting in January I have a review of some Motorola […]