Marco Arment’s The Magazine Might Be the Right Path


You know where I consume the vast majority of my news and other reading? My iPad. Why? Because I truly prefer to hold something that I'm reading. When I want to catch up on the news of the day, I grab my iPad and fire up Zite or Fever or Reeder. I don't think I'm […]

Google Buying QuickOffice is the Death Knell for Microsoft

Office for Android, iPad, iPhone & Symbian » Quickoffice

That’s it, Microsoft you’re now toast. An also-ran. The writing is on the wall. Ship has sailed… Okay you get the idea. Why am I making this pronouncement? Because Google just scooped up QuickOffice which now renders Microsoft nearly (nearly) irrelevant in regards to its core product—MS Office. Google buys QuickOffice: what it means to […]

Starting a new job: Joining eCrypt Technologies February 1st

I’m happy to announce that starting February 1st I’m going to be joining the encryption startup eCrypt as their full time web-social media-community manager guy. This is a very exciting time for me, the new product that eCrypt has in the works is quite cool and could very well spark a whole new interest in […]

Lately on Techplanations: Headset Contest, Gifts for Geeks, Basic computer fixes, and Telelympics Part 1


Things have been pretty active over on my Vancouver Observer column, Techplanations. WIth the holidays coming up I had to cover gift ideas for geeks: Getting Great Gifts for Geeks and since we all need to stop talking on our cellphones while starting in BC starting in January I have a review of some Motorola […]

Are Marketers Ready to Give Good Advice to Canadian Business on Social Media?

Earlier this week Forrester released data that showed that Canadians top the world in embracing social networking (Gillian Shaw & Groundswell) with a whopping 57% of Canadians using social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise since Canadians (and Vancouver especially) are some of the most wired […]