Never say never–Facebook Fan Page and Adsense comes calling

Yeah, I’m a well known Facebook curmudgeon and haven’t had ads here on the site for years now, but yesterday that changed.


I’m willing to admit when I’m wrong, or at least when I need to wise up to reality. I know Facebook is huge and lots of people make that the centre of their online universe. I’m just not one of those people. Yes, I’m on Facebook and have a respectable number of Facebook friends, but Facebook just doesn’t provide much for me that I can’t get elsewhere.

Except for events.

facebook_fanpage.pngAnd fan pages.


I begrudgingly admit that, yeah not using Facebook to spread the word about something even as simple as a birthday party is pretty foolish. So by the same token, I have to admit that having a Facebook fan page for Create Your Own Blog is a good idea for promoting the book.

And so, I put together a simple fan page yesterday (with help from Jesse Stay’s tutorial on Techipedia) that I’ll be working on expanding over the next little while.

I’m very happy to already have a number of fans (after I figured out that I didn’t really invite people in the first place—oops), which I take to be a good sign that people are at least willing to glance at the book. Now to move people from glancing to buying is the next step.

Yeah, need to work on that, well right after the book actually hits the shelves that is.

Anyway, that was just the first of my changes to my social media world yesterday. The second was advertising.

Yes, advertising.

To be perfectly clear I have never been against advertising on blogs, I just didn’t like fussing with it. The partly amount I was earning (next to nothing), didn’t make up for the time I felt I needed to spend cultivating the ads. I decided yesterday that enough was enough and I needed to do something to support my gadget cravings and premium coffee habit.

So I have Adsense on the the site now. And affiliate links to DIYThemes/Thesis. Even though in the last chapter of the book I point out that my site didn’t have ads (it didn’t when I wrote the chapter), I’m willing to answer tough questions about why I started (again) now.

Am I willing to have more ads here on the site? Yes I am. How I’m going to go about selling more space here I’ll talk about in a while. I want to get a solid baseline of data before I change things again.

Am I a social media sell out now? No, I don’t think so. I’m a realist/pragmatist. I know that Facebook is a powerful way to build buzz and discussion around a topic/person/book/whatever. It just is, like it or not, it just is. I would be pretty stupid to ignore Facebook and still say that I understand social media marketing. Adsense and advertising? Frankly I’ve been working hard to (re)build traffic on this site and with traffic comes the potential for advertising. Advertising means money. Money allows me to feed, clothe, and house my fiancée and I a little better.

I’d love to hear what you think of these changes I’ve made. Including, you might have missed, a new disclosure link in the footer.

Now I need more coffee…


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