My slides for Macs At Work (in a PC world)

Last night I gave my (very short—maybe too short) talk on using Macs at Work to the Canadian Women in Communications meeting. I was inspired to try my hand at drawing my slides for the talk (I did this once actually for Northern Voice a couple years ago) using the iPad app Paper by FiftyThree (I got the idea from this TNW post). As is my usual presentation style, there isn’t a lot of “meat” to my slides, just pictures to illustrate and support what I’m talking about. The content might not be terribly interesting to look at, but what I enjoyed about doing my presentation this was how I needed to force myself to think in a different way (completely visually) to represent what I was going to talk about.

After the slides are sketches I created for the talk on Blogging for Business by Rebecca Bollwitt, HootSuite by Craig Ryomoto, The Cloud by David MacLaren, and Twitter 101 by Tristan Jutras.


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