No there is too much. Let me sum up

Lots been going on, here are the highlights

It’s a writer and blogger’s curse I think. When you’re busy with lots of great projects, your own blog gets short shrift. It’s okay, really, but since I have a new book coming out (more in a moment), I thought it might be a good idea to catch you up on the last six months.

Back in the the startup world

Right around the time I wrote my last post here, I started working at Nugg, at the time it was going to be part-time to run the close beta program and write on the Nugg blog. About a week into working there part-time, they asked me to start full-time, a good two months earlier than expected. I’ve been doing that since November and we’re close to coming out of closed beta and stealth mode. The thing about starting in November was that I needed to finish my fourth book toot-sweet.

And I got that done too.

WordPress Absolute Beginners Guide Available Now

I wrapped up writing the book in December and last week approved the final proofs for WordPress Absolute Beginner’s Guide and is available for download now. This is a milestone book for me. It’s my longest book to date (over 400 pages). It’s my first book that will have color figures (this is a huge deal in publishing). And it’s also my first book that will appear electronically before the paper version comes out. This book is my favorite book thus far; I’m very proud of the how comprehensive I was able to make it. This book is essentially the update to Using WordPress (which is several years old now). I was able to have the book cover up to WordPress 3.8. Of course WordPress 3.9 comes out mid-April, but that’s the way it goes.

Working hard, new projects coming, stay tuned

I’m not even going to try the “oh I’ll be writing more here..” line. I know that I have only so much time in the day, so as much as I want to write here every day, I have limits. That said, with a WPABG out now, I need to have some updates here for WordPress 3.9. I also have a couple projects that my publisher would like me to look at so…I’ll keep that option open. Not to mention a book I want to finish writing that’s been on the go for a long time.

That’s where I’m at right now. Look out for updates from Nugg this week.


  1. says

    Hello there,

    Just decided yesterday on a whim, to switch from to .org. Why oh why did I think that would be easy!?

    I felt awful for tech support as they tried to put everything in layman’s terms…..

    I immediately went to the book store, filtered through a few books and then found your’s “WordPress, Absolute Beginner’s Guide”! I’m so glad I stumbled upon your book and thank you for chapter numero uno!

    And now on to chapter 2 until my DSN has fully propagated!!!

    Thank’s again!

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