Moving On—I’m Leaving iPhoneHacks

It was a new challenge and an exciting one, but at the end of the month I will be leaving as their editor in chief. I’ve contributed there for many months and in late October-November accepted a position as their editor in chief to “take the site to the next level”. I wish to thank the site owner for his support and generosity during my tenure, but in the end, the kind of site that it needed to be wasn’t the kind of site I was well suited to write for.

That happens.

So this is my last week there. I’ll be wrapping things up and moving on at the end of the month. Which brings up the inevitable question:

What next?

Right now, honestly, I’m still processing the change. My primary goal at the moment has to be financial. Bills have to be paid, that’s just the reality of life. Right now, yes, I’m looking for another full-time writing job to stay doing what I love to do. In the meantime, if you have some piecework writing, reviews, or how tos you’d written for your site, let me know, I’d be happy to talk with you.

Events like this not only shake you, but they do offer the chance to take a bit of a step back and see if you’re on the right course in life. I’m doing a little of that as well.

In the end, I wrote a lot of posts on iPhoneHacks that I’m proud of and what I think is some of my best work. I recorded a bunch of how to videos that I think are good and gave me a chance to test and try some things. And was back in the daily news game for a while. Exciting, busy, and, often, tiring stuff.

On to the next phase and chapter…

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