Making Far-flung teams work

Dina Mehta talks about her experiences with far-flung teams and comments on Ross Mayfield's post on the same topic
The main take-away is that far-flung teams are very productive, more
nimble, and more creative than traditional teams.  Ross doesn't
think that the cost savings for reduced travel factors in, but Dina
thinks is a consideration.  Regardless both posts discuss how
remote teams can and do work well.  I think advances in technology
have helped this significantly, and I think people are more comfortable
working with, even trusting, people they have never met
face-to-face. As both Ross and Dina said, it is also about setting
up good group norms and dynamics.  Neither of them discuss
technology specifically, and I think this is appropriate.  Great
technology doesn't make a great team, great people do.  You can
work just fine with e-mail and dial-up.  Sure you might have some
limitations, but if the team works well together, it works well
independent of technology.
Two good reads for sure.
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