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This past weekend’s WordPress class went very well, nearly full class and the new approach hit the mark. Next up on February 2nd is my podcasting and video blogging class and like last week’s WordPress class, I’m taking a new approach to the whole class.

As much as I love podcasting (that is audio only), video is really where it’s at. On the video side, I think video blogging might have had it’s day as well. What’s left? Actually, everything…

Because while people might not podcast or video blog as much as they used to, the how you shoot video or record audio hasn’t changed. Today people need videos for Kickstarter or product demos. Maybe a voice over for a screencast or slide deck you’re posting on Slideshare. This means that it’s just as important now, maybe even more so now, that you know how to record great videos with great audio for social media, marketing, and frankly being able to get your message out to the world.

So on February 2nd the class will cover how to shoot better videos—including a focus on mobile video—and post them online. And I’ll go beyond just “regular” video and get into screencasts of apps and websites. Audio? How about tips and tricks for recording voice overs? And since podcasting isn’t dead, we’ll cover audio and video podcasts as well.

The key here is that while “podcasting” might not be the in thing, posting videos online has only become more popular.

The question for you is, then—do you want to learn how to shoot, edit, and upload great videos?

If you do, join me in a couple weeks for a full-day of audio and video fun and learning. Heck, maybe we’ll make a parody video or something fun.

You never know, I haven’t finished updating my class outline yet…

Info on registering for the class is below.

Learn the basics of audio and video podcasting in this one-day, hands-on workshop. You learn how to record, edit, encode, and post audio and video podcasts. Topics include hardware, software, how to add music and titles, where to post your podcast, search engine optimization and how to host a live Internet radio show. One day is all you need to get on air and podcast with confidence and ease.

Standard Fee: $350+tax

(UBC Continuing Studies)


  1. aleya says

    tris, i attended this class and it was awesome. thanks for the great info. i’m enjoying creating my new blog! cheers, aleya

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