iWork iOS comes to iPhones and iPod Touches: Apple’s Assault on Business Market?

The idea of the “office in your” pocket is something that we bandy about, but an iPad—or even one of the smaller tablets—aren’t really pocket sized per se. On the other hand, an iPhone certainly is and with Apple releasing iWork for iPhone and iPod Touch that ideal is getting pretty darn close.

Yes, yes, I know there have been other office suites for BlackBerrys, Android devices, and the iPhone and I know there are a myriad text editors for all these devices as well. And I know Microsoft has released “pocket” versions of its apps. And I’m not suggesting that none of these could have been “office in your pocket” worthy—I actually rather like QuickOffice for iPad—but I think when a major (the major?) software company in the world decides to put its own office suite, I think it should be seen as a turning point for the device and platform.

Hyperbole? Apple fanboy-ism?

Sure, I’ll take those, because I stand firm in thinking that this seemingly minor release means something. It’s less than a week until WWDC and one of the early announcements is releasing iWork for the smaller devices. We know that Lion, iOS 5, and the iCloud are also on the docket for WWDC, so would a “one more thing…you can now have up to 2GB of space on iDisk to sync your iWork documents for free…” be a crazy announcement?

I know that Dropbox offers a ton of functionality in that regard, but for Apple to offer it…that’s something different. It means that you get a new Mac, set up your free iDisk services, buy iWork from the Mac App Store, then if you have an iOS device it’s not a stretch to spend some dough on the app you think you’ll use the most. I started with Pages for iOS then quickly picked up the other two apps. I might not use Numbers very often, but Keynote on my iPad has been pretty helpful.

Now, where does Dropbox fit into this?

It doesn’t.

Hey I love Dropbox and willingly spend money for extra space, but for a new user who doesn’t have any kind of cloud storage and your new machine comes with some. Yeah, exactly.

No doubt that Apple does a great job at the unified computer experience. So now having my preferred office suite on all my devices…yeah that’s awesome.

And I’ll bet I’m not the only one who thinks so.

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      There have been lots of potentials, but I think the whole iOS-OS X-iTunes-App Store system is what really makes Apple in a great position to pull this off.

      Or I could just be a total fanboy.

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