Is Wanadoo doo-doo for customer service?

My good friend Hsien-Hsien Lei is my channel editor at b5 moved to London recently.? After waiting god knows how long to get broadband at home … she got it … and it died.? So it's been over two months now and she's asking for a little attention on the blogosphere.? While the support folks at Orange/Wanadoo have been generally nice it seems, it seems that they have some serious quality of service (QoS) and customer support issues.? If there were an isolated case, yeah okay, but it appears not to be (Orange problems, Simplicity).

Ads by AdGenta.comSo if the blogosphere can get together to force change or draw attention to an issue like the Web 2.0/O'Reilly fracas, how about we see if we can force a little change that will help folks out in a real, substantive way?

Let's get Hsien her broadband back!? Let's get Oranage/Wanadoo to get on the stick and fix stuff.

Come on, it's a good cause … fellow blogger, hamstrung from both blogging and earning her living because she's stuck on dial-up.? Let's get on it!

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