I’m going to try out VaultPress, but I might not spring for it

A while back, Matt and the Automattic gang (maybe a pose now) let the world know that they were working on a new service to back up WP.org-based blogs—Announcing VaultPress | VaultPress Blog. It was clear from the get go that this was going to be a premium service and there would be no free ride.

Fair enough.

Today VaultPress went “live” and started accepting signups—VaultPress — Safeguard your site—and like WP.com originally was there is a “golden ticket” system where people who apply (and I’m sure 100s if not 1000s already have) and your name will be drawn to be let into the early beta. I put my VaultPress signup in (the answer to the last question is a fill in the blank and I think cheekiness is appreciated):

Apply for Beta — VaultPress.jpg

I’m a bit conflicted about VaultPress. There is no doubt that there is a real need for a service like this. I’ve been testing Backupify on my WP site and I don’t think it works most of the time. At all the WordCamps I’ve been to recently, people ask about how to backup your site. Sure you can backup your DB and even have it emailed to you at a Gmail account, but that doesn’t help if your sever dies and you lose your theme, uploads, and other important files.

So if VaultPress can back all that up for me (and I do have a ton of files, several gigs worth in fact), that would be fantastic. However, it’s not $30/month fantastic. As I put in my application, I’d probably pay $15/month for the service. I also would like a “disposable” option for when I’m updating a client blog or something like that. Something where I can have the files backed up, but they only stay there for a week, maybe for like $5 or $10. Just a temporary measure. Maybe the same price could service as a “blog mover” service. That would be pretty good I think (having just done a few blog moves, I’d pay for a hand doing that onerous job).

I think ValutPress really begs a larger question: Why are we so cheap with the services we rely on?

Our blogs (for us social media types) are essential digital hubs for us. When I have issues with my blog, I work like the Devil to get it back in working order. My blog is essential. Then why won’t I pay more for it to be backed up?

I think we’re spoiled. So much of what we use is given for free (Gmail, software, etc) that we forget about the resources required to make something happen. So I do laud VaultPress for starting out saying that the service will not have a free option.

It still hope it launches at a longer price though.


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    I purchased this this morning. Obviously haven’t really had time to use it yet but it all installed simply enough and so far looks good. Did you get on with it well in the end?

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