HootSuite ups the ante with new Facebook features and support

HootSuite does it again adding more features to the already stellar social media app. This time it’s all Facebook love for HootSuite and by the looks of the video from the newly updated HootSuite Facebook features page, I don’t think you’ll ever after visit Facebook again. Which is just fine by me.

Now, if you’re thinking I’m going to wax poetic about Facebook (perish the thought!) or HootSuite (I’ve done that loads already)—you’re wrong. After seeing that my HootSuite Fluid app wasn’t just idle this evening but logged out I knew that HootSuite would have some new coolness in store for me tonight.

And I was right (of course).

Rather than try to go through all the new features (which I haven’t tried yet—I wanted to tell you first) just watch this video:

HootSuite Adds Advanced Facebook Management Tools from HootSuite on Vimeo.

I think now you’ll see why I’m not copping out on writing about all the coolness—there’s just too much to cover.

The one final thought I have is that if HootSuite doesn’t either:

  • Become a social media app powerhouse tying together our online lives and the de facto app for everyone to use


  • Get bought out for tons of money by a smart and savvy company (Yahoo! could come back from the brink with a tool like this).

I’ll be really, really surprised.

Originally posted on the Future Shop Tech Blog.


  1. says

    Have you had a chance to play with the new features? I’d hate to see Hootsuite bought out, but they’re definitely becoming a power player in the social media field. It’s also great to see Klout doing well as the two of them really kicked it off together.

    I’ve written a few of my own thoughts on the updates, and also the changes to the user interface. Would love to know what you think: http://ow.ly/6goXo

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