Go see Marriage of Figaro for the comedy, and the singing isn’t bad either

Fine, opera isn’t for everyone, but before you think opera isn’t for you, you need to go see one. Seriously. In the opera world there are a lot of great “first time operas” to attend. My first was Eugene Onegin (not in the list of first ones to see), Gus’s was Tosca, I’d put Madama Butterfly (which, by chance, is the next opera coming up this season) on the list, but Marriage of Figaro, yeah that’s a great opera to see as a first opera.

Yes, it’s long, but the VO’s production moves at a great pace. You’ll recognize a lot of the music (especially the overture). And did I mention it was funny? While you ponder that, here are some pics from last night…

Yes, Figaro is a comedy, a farce really. And yes the singing is glorious. Oh so glorious. The whole opera is one of those that you just lose yourself in. A lot of that is thanks to the genius of Mozart. You see Wolfie repeats things…a lot. This is on purpose, but means that you get the same phrase over and over. So after you read the surtitles, you can relax and enjoy.

As for a review, you don’t really want to hear about the sets (lovely and classic) or the costumes (gorgeous to a one), you want to hear whether or not you should go.

And you most certainly should.

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