Getting fired up about WP 3.4

A new version of WP is on the way! WordPress 3.4 has hit the critical Release Candidate stage which means that the somewhat faint of heart can try it with the help of the WordPress Beta Tester plugin (which is how I do it for this site).

From the looks of things, Catherine and I will have our work cut out for us writing our book—a lot of the updates are theme related. Good thing we’ve been using the beta versions since the beginning on our test/demo/showcase site.

Theme updates side—which themes will have to be updated to support in some cases—everything that I’ve seen and tried assures me of one thing:

WordPress is just as easy and powerful as always. If you know how to use your WP site now, you aren’t going to have to relearn things.

Of course when the time comes later in June for me to teach my advanced WordPress class, I’ll have some updates to make to the class.

Until then…happy testing!


  1. Dee Johnson says

    Loved your book “Create your own blog”. I read it twice. I have an online business and was excited to start my own WordPress blog.  I got it mostly set up and finished the about page. When I went back to home I got a blank page. Then I went to support to type in the problem and got a blank page again. I went online to try to contact WordPress and it always takes me back to the Support page which goes blank when I try to type in the problem window.

    Online I saw many others with the same complaint which never got resolved.  I emptied my cache and cookies and reset my Safari with no luck.

    I AM SERIOUSLY BUMMED. I bought my own domain name and paid extra to have it converted. I even opened a dummy account to see if I could get to WordPress Support from there, but another blank page.

    This experience makes your book worthless to those of us who are experiencing the same problem. Do you have any WordPress geek buddies I can e-mail?

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