Foursquare’s Answer to Getting More Users: Facebook Places

When Facebook Places launched, I think many people expected the rest of location-based games and services to just wither on the vine. Turns out that Foursquare has been seen record-setting signups since Places hit the scene—Foursquare celebrates four consecutive days of record signups—which I don’t find too surprising since everything I’ve seen of Places (still not available in Canada yet, though it might have had an early preview recently). It isn’t surprising that Foursquare would have a few special things in the works to get people using Foursquare as their main interface with Places:

Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley may not have called Facebook Places “boring,” but the word couldn’t have been far from his mind as he considered the items on his company’s roadmap and compared them to Facebook’s meager initial offering. Over the past few days, Crowley has been more vocal than normal about the future of foursquare — perhaps as a way to reassure users that the company isn’t going anywhere despite the launch of Facebook Places.
link: The foursquare crystal ball: 10 things “coming soon”

That’s the key here. That’s what’s going to separate the location-based winners from whiners, making sure that you can make your service the preference “interface” for Places. So maybe Time picked Gowalla over Foursquare, and yes I’m biased towards Foursquare, but I think Foursquare should be considered the leading contender in the race to be the place for Places.

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