FeedHub vs AideRSS to Tame Your RSS Beast

FeedHub has been getting a lot of attention at DEMOfall (Scoble, Dan Farber) with its laudable goal of helping people sift out the wheat from the chaff in your RSS stream.? Now most (sane) humans don?t subscribe to as many feeds as Scoble or I do (he is at 850 I think ? I?m getting into 700s), but even if you have a few hundred or a few dozen sometimes you just wish there was a way to get to the “good stuff” faster.

I talked about AideRSS on my personal blog (pre-blognation days) and have been very happy with it.? In fact I just uploaded an updated opml file to AideRSS to make sure I was still getting “the good stuff”. On the surface both services do similar things.? You take your whack of RSS feeds in an opml file, upload them to your account, and the services go through them to determine “what?s important” and give you one RSS feed to subscribe to.? Both services let me pick and choose my feeds, FeedHub does give me a bookmarklet to add content to that feed.

At this point, AideRSS and FeedHub part ways.? AideRSS just runs on its own, I don?t need to do anything else to keep getting filtered results.? As more and more feeds get into their system they can see what the universe of information is like and deliver refined items to you.? As I?ve said before, and will again, I?ve been very happy with the results.? Skimming through that feed draws my eye to the hot topics.? They draw information based on their scale from not only what?s hot in my feed list, but the Net overall.? Nice balance.

FeedHub, on the other hand, wants me visit the site and slide content sources up and down into a series of bins (Yes, please!, Usually, Sometimes, No Thanks, and No Opinion) to really refine my information.? Okay this is super, but, rather time consuming, in my opinion.? According to the information it the first feed item this is how information will be sorted:

Remember that FeedHub chooses content for you based on your reading behavior and explicit feedback. The more you read and tell us how you feel about your content, the better we?ll get at choosing it! FeedHub uses lots of evidence ? your click-through behavior, link blog, del.icio.us tags, plus explicit feedback on your memes, to get better at choose posts for you.

At this point FeedHub is still chewing on my feeds (it?s been probably been 30 minutes, but I know they are swamped) so I can?t really tell how well it?s going to do.

For my test I?m going to avoid going to the site, I?m going to use it like I use AideRSS and see what happens.? AideRSS also offers nice widgets to help my readers on my blog see what?s hot on my blog and I can share my AideRSS feed as well (it doesn?t seem to update there as often as I get).

If FeedHub?s revenue model is going to be advertising, they will either have to put ads into these personalized feeds, or get eyeballs on the site.? Dunno about either of those.

Bottom line: We are swamped with information.? As knowledge workers we depend on a steady stream of useful information to do our jobs.? Both of these services try to help with this, but?you still have to skim the raw sources, IMHO.? Even the best meme-catchers will miss cool interesting stuff.

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