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You know I don't think I've seen a FeedBurner announcement of a new feature that I didn't like.  FeedFlare is no different.  Lots of people are talking about it today (ClickZ, ReadWriteWeb, SmallBusinessBranding, FeedBurner – Burning Questions).  I've activated it on this feed, the Qumana Blog, Qumana Investor, and my pen blog.  Features.  Here's the quick run-down:
  • most popular tags for this item via Del.icio.us
  • tag this item at Del.icio.us
  • Technorati cosmos: number of links to this post
  • Creative Commons license for this specific item. This works even if you are splicing, say, a Flickr photo feed into a blog feed and the two parent feeds have different licenses associated with them.
  • number of comments on this post (currently only for feeds created by WordPress)
  • email this item
  • email the author of this item (particularly helpful if the item ends up spliced into another feed or repurposed on a site).

These are great features.  I added them because I think they will add value to me feed.  But why should I care if I “add value to my feed”?  Ads by AdGenta.comBecause RSS is reaching a tipping point.  RSS and feed readers are becoming the a huge component of blog readership.  There are many articles I read that I only read within my feed reader.  I only go to the site if I want to blog it.  FeedFlare, to me, shows this transition is really picking up steam.  E-mail this article … add this to Del.icio.us … these are things people once commonly did from their browsers and now are doing in their feed reader.

I see more and more energy being thrown into people making better and better use of RSS.  Are we there yet?  No.  Do we have the perfect model for reading and absorbing content?  No, but I'm going to blog about another trend I'm seeing in a moment.

FeedBurner is leading the way, IMHO, in making RSS and feeds easy and accessible to the new blogger.  Sure it takes a little hand-holding to make the right set up choices, but after that it's pretty much it.  With feeds more accessible … and feeds with a lot of extra cool information to boot … feed readers will not be far behind.

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