Evernote poised to become your primary desktop app

Today at the Evernote Trunk conference, we learned (whoo hoo!) that Evernote has picked up Skitch for an undisclosed sum. In the original TC post there was a reference to Evernote updating its desktop and mobile apps with rich text editing and other user-requested features. Which got me thinking about how people use Evernote and how people could use in the future and I realized that Evernote could be poise to be the only desktop app besides a browser that you need day to day.

Call me crazy, but if you look at a lot of what you do, it’s either in a browser (or browser-iod) or in a apps that you write and organize things. You already know that I’m a huge proponent of simple tools and editors, even the humble text editor, so you might wonder why I might think that Evernote could become the central app.

Just try it. Open Chrome (or whatever) and then open up Evernote. Ok, now what do you need to do? Send and email? Fine Gmail, in the browser. See something you need to work on later or make a to do. Evernote. Start drafting a blog post or email that you need to send. Either tool will do just fine. Search for something you’ve saved or find something new. Catch up on Facebook, Twitter, Google+…

Fine you get the idea.

Now, I’m not saying that Evernote would be your only app. I’m saying that it could become your primary app. Yeah I’ll still need iTunes, and Dropbox and Skitch and all the others, but I’m thinking about day to day, front and center apps. I’m thinking that Evernote could fit the bill.

Maybe we don’t need lots of cluttered apps and windows. Maybe we just need a browser and Evernote.

And maybe that might be a really good thing for all of us to get things done.



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