Evernote planning an IPO—I had a gut feeling months ago.

This morning TechCrunch is reporting that Evernote is going to prep for an IPO offering—Evernote Raises $70M At A $1B Valuation To Prep For An IPO, And The Next 100 Years—the interesting thing is that while I was writing an online social media course for UBC I wrote the following in February:

Evernote (www.evernote.com) has become the de facto way to store notes for later. With apps for nearly all smartphones as well as the web and all desktop operating systems, people are storing more and more information in Evernote. Could Evernote leverage their loyal following into something bigger?

Thanks to Leila Pejman for reminding me that I had some foresight into this. Of course I also wish I had this same foresight when I wanted to buy Apple stock ten years ago. In February I was thinking Evernote was well positioned to do something with their rabidly loyal fanbase (I’m becoming one of them, though I haven’t make the jump to a premium membership just yet), an IPO makes a lot of sense I think. Unlike a lot of other companies in this space (note-taking, storage, etc), Evernote has made mobile clients a key part of the app ecosystem (apposystem?) and that is going to be the key to their success. As we move back to a time where we keep big computers (let’s call them base stations) at home or the office and travel around with smaller devices you need a mobile tool that helps you keep things coordinated.

Would I write posts and such in Evernote? Probably not. I like to stick to more focused “writing” tools like Byword (of course I’m anxiously awaiting Scrivener for iOS) for stuff like that. Where does Evernote fit in? Notes for research, notes in meetings, links for later. More and more of my “I’ll need this later” things are in Evernote, and I know I’m not alone in this either,  so as Evernote preps for the their next level of coolness…I’d like to say I guessed it first.

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