Empire Avenue Starts Tapping into Google+

Yeah we might be a little biased around here, but we think Empire Avenue is quite the hot item. Sure, it would be great if you bought shares in me, the real story here is that Empire Avenue is fast out of the gates with support for the new Google+ API. Sure, it might be a limited rollout at first, but it looks like they beat Klout to the bunch, which they must think is cool.

Around here, I might be the most active of the FS bloggers on Google+, but that doesn’t mean we don’t keep tabs on it. Like when Google announced (to much cheering) that they were starting to open up their Google+ API to developers. This might just sound like something that only geeks could get into, and in part you’re right, but in reality it is the ability to tap into a web-based application from within another application or website that powers what we do day to day online.

Yeah HootSuite, Facebook Like buttons, Tweet this post tools, these are all powered by the APIs from those sites. If Web 2.0 was about interaction, Web 2.5 (3.0) is about the API. So Empire Avenue starting to hook up to the G+ API is big news for both Empire Ave and Google. We’ve been clamoring for a G+ API not only for tools like HootSuite (it looks like the first release from Google won’t help HootSuite much), but also reputation/influencer sites like Empire Ave and Klout. As companies and advertisers more and more use external tools to help judge how influential a person is on social media, it’s essential that those tools connect with as many social media touch points as possible to get the most complete picture possible.

This is why it was important for Empire Ave to be fast out of the gate. Establish a foothold and show they are solidly in the game. Now, I have to see if Brad can hook me up with early access to G+ on Empire Ave.

Originally posted on the Future Shop Tech Blog.

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