David Armano is still inspired by blogging

After getting a couple cavities taken care of at the dentist this morning, I went over to an Edelman Vancouver-sponsored event to hear Edelman EVP David Armano talk about the state of social media—and his reflections on it as well (mentioned this earlier this week, in case you missed it). Amazingly enough, I’ve known David for several years now, but this morning was the first time we actually met in person. Well, okay, that’s not really that amazing in our social-media-connected world. Regardless, during the chit-chat/networking portion of the morning (as I tried to keep from drooling with a half-frozen face) David and I were chatting with Kevin Broome (Director of Creative Strategy at Edelman Vancouver) about how Twitter, Facebook, and the rest fit in with the “old stand bys” like blogging. David said something that echoed how my content creation has changed over my eight (8!) years of blogging—blogging is where David will sit down and write something with meat to it. The 800 word ish post that goes into detail. On the other hand, when David (and I) just think something is interesting or noteworthy we share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Back in the day when David and I started blogging—I always thought I started after him, turns out I have a few years on him in the blogging world—blogs were the way to share everything that we came across online. And I think that might have been to the detriment of the content. Sometimes you just wanted to share something interesting, something that didn’t need much explanation or comment, but since it looked pretty strange to just have something like:

You have to read this XKCD cartoon.

And that’s it as a post, we wrote about it.

Frankly, sometimes we should have just kept our traps shut.

Then came Twitter.

Okay, fine we tried link blogs and Tumblr and other tools came around, but I think it was Twitter that really made the act of just simply sharing…just that: simple sharing.

And of course we’ve had Facebook for a goodly while now.

These tools, we all know, made sharing simple, easy, and effortless. No pressure to include our 150 words of wisdom with the link (not that you could do that on Twitter), just share because it’s interesting and move on.

Of course, this meant that blogging and personal websites and all the rest of that stuff was dead. All we need is a Twitter account, be on Facebook, and have a page on About.me to participate fully in social media.

Bull feathers.

No matter how many times blogging is deemed deceased, and people (aka pundits) feel that we don’t need websites, we still need places to write long-form stuff. We need a place to be our digital home base. Sure I’m on Twitter. Sure I’m even pretty active on Facebook (I know the confirmed Facebook curmudgeon, active on Facebook). Heck, I’m even pinning on Pinterest. No matter what I come back to this site. Sure when I get busy it gets rather neglected, but it’s here. The 2500+ posts (with 3700+ comments!) aren’t going anywhere. I just keep adding to the collection.

Just to keep writing long-form stuff. Sections of book chapters. Missives like this. I can’t write this stuff on Twitter. Facebook? Sure I guess, but I don’t really want to lock my thoughts into Mark’s Garden of Wealth and Dreams. Fine, Google+ could manage to do this, but you know something, there is a reason we still like to read things in a “book” format. You know something laid out to be read…we like having control over how our content is displayed.

And we like to read content that has had some thought put into the layout.

So this site is going to live on for a long time and I’m going to keep writing.

And writing.

And no matter how many Twitter followers I have, fans on Facebook, or how high (or low) my Klout score gets…this is still my site.

And here’s where I’ll continue to be an Internet rogue.


  1. Ezra Nanes says

    Nice post Tris! You got me inspired. As I finish up grad school (MBA) and seek relevance and impact in the world of new everything I have been pondering over the place of a blog in my life. I used to write one with my wife, Mieke, called “liefstyle” on blogspot, but life and a baby shut that one down. Well, anyway, thank you for the post, and hope to return the favor one dasay!

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